ABOUT - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Fans united with Gorenje #simplyfans movementLet's cheer together. Let's cheer for sport.

Cheering rules

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Cheer fairly and for the fair play!
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Treat all the fans respectfully, regardless of their nationality.
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When the game starts, simply enjoy the beauty of sports.

Our manifesto

When passionate fans get behind the players, the energy levels rise and sparks can fly, on the court and in the stands. So, let’s make sure to keep the sportsmanship spirit in mind, and remember what we are cheering for – sport. Let us not complicate it with tension, settling scores, and insults.

We #simplyfans are one fan group, uniting fans of all nationalities. We are drawn together by a true and honest passion for sport. Let’s cheer together, let’s cheer for sports!


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