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Supporting the passionJoin us in experiencing the amazing UEFA EURO 2020 with #simplyfans worldwide.
UEFA Euro 2020
EHF Champions League Men

Team up with Gorenje for Life simplified

Gorenje is proud to be the official sponsor of one of the greatest sport events – the UEFA Euro2020™. We are supporting your passion for football as well as supporting you and your family in your every day chores, simplifying your life at home. We are a team player, dedicated to #simplyfans across the world, sharing positive energy with just one purpose – to unite the fans in passion for football. Jump in and join us in experiencing the amazing UEFA Euro2020™. 

Would you buy a #simplyfans football fridge?

Can you image having a spicy green football fridge in your kitchen? We went out to find out, who is passionate enough to do it. We set up a hidden camera inside the store and secretly gave a mission to male visitors. The task was easy – just persuade your girlfriend into buying green football “simplyfans fridge and you get 2 tickets for the UEFA Euro2020™. 

Hmm, wonder who persuaded his girlfriend into buying a #simplyfans football fridge?

WOULD YOU DARE to win 2 tickets?

Show us your passion for sports. Participate in ‘Would you’ weekly challenges and you just might get 2 tickets for the championship, Gorenje kettle, official adidas ball or one of other nice prizes. Visit Simpyfans Facebook profile and share your challenging photo of this week.   

Getting ready

Don’t be just prepared. Be #simplifans prepared for the championship. Checkout Tips and Tricks for useful ideas.

Meet special heroes

Bring the spirit of the championship into your home with the help of official Gorenje small domestic appliances. Get your hands on one of the heroes at your local dealer.

Share your #simplyfans passion

Join us on Simplyfans social media channels and share your passion with #simplyfans across the world. Don’t miss out useful tips and tricks, interesting and fun sport content and prize game. You just might be the one who wins free tickets for the UEFA Euro2020™ games! 

Help us spread the sportsmanship spirit under #simplyfans hashtag! 

Fans of excitement and passion

Gorenje is a proud sponsor of European Handball, the VELUX EHF Champions League and for two consecutive Men`s EHF EURO (2018, 2020) competitions. These sports require a team spirit, a dedication to being the best and a focus on innovation. Life can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Make Gorenje part of your support team at home and create more time for your favourite sports.  

Meet our ambassadors

We have joined powers with true handball legends, who as #simplyfans ambassadors help us share the true purpose of sport – to bring people together, overcoming all nationalities and borders. Nikola Karabatić and Vid Kavtičnik encourage our #simplyfans community to look beyond boundaries, as in sport and life. 

Come, let’s get to know them and find out more. 

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Handball is the second largest sport in Europe.


The world’s very best handball players can throw the ball at speeds of more than 120kmh.


Only five countries have won the european title so far.


Help us spread the sportsmanship spirit under #simplyfans hashtag!