IT'S TIME FOR EHF EURO 2020! - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 7th January 2020



In 2017 Gorenje became part of the European handball family as the original sponsor of Velux EHF Champions league and a proud sponsor of two European championships (2018&2020). The sponsorship activities were packed in a campaign called #simplyfans and this handball community is bringing together fans from all around the world.

New challenges & new opportunities at EHF EURO 2020

Now, a new challenge is ahead of #simplyfans and Gorenje. From 9th – 26th of January, Austria, Norway and Sweden will be proudly hosting EHF EURO 2020 ( For the very first time in the history of handball, 24 teams will be part of European championship and the tournament will be hosted by three different nations. While Austria will be hosting two preliminary round groups and one main round group, Norway will be part of the competition only in preliminary round with the country hosting two groups. Sweden steals the spotlight after hosting two groups in preliminary round and one main round group, as they will be the proud host of the final weekend. Venues chosen by Sweden are Gothenburg’s Scandinavium, the Malmö Arena and the Tele 2 Arena in Stockholm (final weekend only). Austrian matches will be played in the Wiener Stadthalle and the Stadthalle Graz. In Norway, Trondheim Spektrum is the place to be.

As official sponsor, great part of this championship is also Gorenje. After successful activation during EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia, the company is trying to strengthen their position in a handball world and bring the brand closer to the wide community. With two different activations taking place throughout the whole championship in the hosting arenas and with appealing digital content and challenges, Gorenje and #simplyfans will be a unique part in the EHF EURO 2020 mosaic.

Meet Gorenje’s first mascot!

And for #simplyfans sponsorship activations to get even more fun, in December, the very first Gorenje mascot was presented. One special fridge, called Gorini, is now part of #simplyfans family and is entertaining fans on social media but will also be part of the action in the arenas. Meet Gorini and follow his story on @Gorenjesimplyfans social media channels ( and ).

#simplyfans at EHF EURO 2020

In Graz (9th – 13th of January) and in Vienna (16th – 22nd of January) Gorenje will be entertaining handball fans with the amusing activity. At the promotional booth, fans will get the option to take a very special EHF EURO 2020 #simplyfans video. Everyone will get the option to send this video to their email and later by posting it on Instagram with a @Gorenjesimplyfans Instagram profile tag, the spectators will have a chance to win two great prizes. They either could win VIP behind the scenes tour on the last game day in Graz (13.1.) or Vienna (22.1.) or are featured in Gorenje big screen spot being played during each match. With the same activation, fans will be entertained during the final weekend in Stockholm. In preliminary and main round, Gorenje will also be amusing the fans in Malmö arena (11th to 22nd of January) with the special scoring game.

All the on-site happenings will be accompanied by interesting content on social media. The fans, watching the games either from the arena or behind the TV, computer or mobile screen, will get the chance to participate in special digital challenge. Throughout the whole championship, by posting EHF EURO 2020 moment captured with their mobile phone on Instagram story or feed and by tagging @Gorenjesimplyfans, the fans could win very special Gorenje retro #simplyfans fridge or #simplyfans jerseys.

Beside all that, half-time prize games will be held in Graz and Vienna, while Stockholm Tele 2 arena will host an outstanding one of a kind half-time Gorenje show! One should not miss this.

Follow us on our social media channels or come by at one of the arenas we’ll be at! It’s time for EHF EURO 2020!