MASCOT’S NAME REVEAL - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 17th December 2019



If you follow our social media you may already discover that something special is happening – the new, very first, Gorenje mascot was born.

Our team made a lot of effort to plan, create and then represent Gorenje’s mascot to the world, but we left one very important decision to our Instagram followers – to choose the mascot’s name.

As a special treat, we decided, that the proud name giver of the mascot should also get a meaningful prize.

We collaborated with our global ambassador, Nikola Karabatic and he promised to gift the lucky winner with the French national handball team jersey from his personal collection.

In just few days after announcing the name challenge, our Instagram challenge post received over 90 different name suggestions, where people play with different ideas around the words like Gorenje, fans, ‘simply’, fridge, ‘freeze’ and others.

Some of the name ideas were very good and we had to think twice before we decided for the final name of the mascot.

But we did make a choice and we would like you to meet, our new Gorenje mascot, called Gorini.

Hopefully you like our Gorini just as much as we do.

We are so excited to show you all his crazy adventures in this beautiful handball community and beyond.

Follow our social media channels for upcoming episodes, already this week! Enjoy, “it’s simple”!