NOVEMBER’S #SIMPLYGIVE RECAP - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Wednesday, 11th December 2019



In November #simplyfans by Gorenje launched a very special #simplygive story, which reached more than half million handball fans around the Europe.

It was a #simplygive story with Benjamin Buric.

We did #simplygive stories before but this one was a special one. This was a story of real life heroes and an important lesson of how anything is possible no matter the circumstances.

Benjamin’s parents took as back in the time when he was just a little boy in the middle of the terrible war. When child’s only worry should be how to play, he’s was how to survive.

And just maybe this horrible situation and the environment he grow up in, made him hungry for the game, for becoming something more. For becoming a champion and a real life hero.

His parents did everything they could to raise their three sons in the right way and support them on their sport path, because as they said, they believed that was the only way to save their kids in the hard times.

Today, Benjamin is a grown up man and incredible handball player. Many claim he is one of the best goalkeepers at the moment, but the most importantly he never forgot where he came from.

Therefore, our #simplygive activation with Benjamin was all about giving back to his handball roots, to the club where it all started. To give many thanks to his parents and to show young players of RK Maglaj that with the right mindset and support everything is possible.

You can see all the episodes from this #simplygive activation on our social media channels. Enjoy watching and #simplgive back to the people important to you!