WE HAVE MADE IT HAPPEN - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Monday, 28th October 2019



The main goal of our October’s #simplygive activation is reached.

Together with our monthly ambassadors HC Gorenje Velenje we decided to give our attention to a special cause, for a special team. We wanted to create new life changing moments and #SIMPLYGIVE to the handball team of athletes with physical disabilities something they need, something that will make their trainings better.

Before getting into the details about our final donation let us write few words about this first Slovenian wheelchair handball team.

Current team of athletes with disabilities made their debut in 2019, but already two years past since handball expert Tone Barič introduced this new sport to the basketball athletes with disabilities. Players meet for the handball trainings once per month because their schedule is already full of other activities like basketball, athletics, diving. Big supporter of the team is also Slovenian Handball Federation which spreads awareness about them and makes sure Slovenia knows their story. Federation also helps by fundraising for the purchase of new sport wheelchairs. To represent their sport and their team, wheelchair handball players frequently attend different sport events where they play on a charity matches, which helps them to raise money for much needed ten sport wheelchairs.

Here is where we, Gorenje #simplyfans team stepped in.

With our special digital activation in collaboration with HC Gorenje Velenje, we succeeded to attract 1.081 new followers on our Instagram and Facebook page. Every new member of our #simplyfans family meant additional five euros to our initial amount of donation which was 2.500 euros.

All together we raised 8.000 euros, which was enough for a purchase of two new sport wheelchairs and enough to make wheelchair handball trainings a bit easier and successful.

We are more than proud about this activation, about the goal that we reached and happy to welcome new members in our #simplyfans family.

Together we did it!