October's preview - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 8th October 2019

October's preview

October's preview

As in September so will October be a month full of original handball content.

Let’s make it easier for you to visualize it and explain the monthly plan by the days of the week, so you can easily follow through and stay tune for some good, authentic happening on our social media profiles!



Mondays are reserved for our excellent household appliances and their presentation.

In October you will be able to see two original product reviews by HC Gorenje Velenje and their team. It will be fun, so make sure you follow our social networks.


On Tuesdays we love to share some ‘oldy-but-goldy’ throwbacks that take us back in time and remind us on all the good moments in handball.

In October we will look back at the last Final4 weekend.


The middle of the week is perfect for the exclusive content created by the EHF team.

Every Wednesday at three o’clock pm, we publish a new episode of “INSIDE THE GAME” and we will continue this way also in October.


Well, Thursdays are special.

They are booked for our #SIMPLYGIVE activation and in October our monthly ambassador is HC Gorenje Velenje who joined forces with the 1st Slovenian handball team of athletes with disabilities.

We prepared some great video content that will week by week show you what our great activation is all about.


As we want to strengthen your great ‘Frida- yay!’ mood we decided to share with you every week a favorite motivational / life quote of your favorite handball player.

Of course there will be also plenty other original content that we will share, so if you really like handball and this handball scene, make sure you remain alert and keep in touch on our Instagram profile and Facebook page.