SEPTEMBER’S RECAP - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 1st October 2019



September was the first month of the new handball season and we started it highly motivated to provide the most original and authentic handball content that we can create.

At the end of the month, recapping all the events and moments that happened during September, we truly hope we reached our goal of being one of the best places to find original handball stories.



As you may already know we started this new movement called #SIMPLYGIVE where it’s all about creating life-changing moments and giving back. In the first month of the new season our monthly ambassador was Kentin Mahe, so he was also the face of our #SIMPLYGIVE campaign. His activation included him choosing four persons in his Veszprem circle of friends and colleagues. Mahe chose the club’s secretary Eszter, club’s photographer David, club’s physiotherapist Nemanja and his teammate Kent, all of them helping him to live a better and fuller life in their own way. He surprised them with our household appliances – Eszter got our blender, David a table grill, Nemanja got a vacuum cleaner and Kent was happy to get our icemaker. We created three #SIMPLYGIVE by Kentin Mahe episodes that you are able to watch on our Instagram feed or on our Youtube Channel – Gorenje Global.



As our monthly ambassador, Kentin Mahe also reviewed all the four Gorenje products that he gifted to his friends and colleagues. He did it in his unique, funny, handball related way. To see this product reviews episodes visit our Instagram or Youtube channel.



In collaboration with the EHF we stared to share exclusive online content for all the fans of handball and the champions league in particular. Every Wednesday at three o’clock pm we post on our IGTV the so called “Inside the game” episodes produced by the EHF team. For the first two episodes you could see interviews with Igor Karacic and Rasmus Lauge.



This month we got included also in the EHF’s MOTW (match of the week) and as a proud sponsor of the Champions League we decided to reward the Player of the match with our smoothie maker, so his smoothies will be ready every time he needs that extra source of energy. The match of the week was between Telekom Veszprem and THW Kiel, and the player of the match was Harald Reinkind.



By the end of the September’s #SIMPLYGIVE activation we decided to do a mini challenge with Kentin Mahe for our Instagram followers, so we encouraged them to #SIMPLYGIVE a hug/kiss/highfive/… to the people that are important to them and post it on their Instagram stories. The lucky winner will be rewarded with Kentin Mahe’s club jersey.



As last but not least we don’t want to forget to mention how happy we are that our recognizable hashtag #simplyfans can now be seen on RK Gorenje Velenje jerseys.

And while speaking about RK Gorenje Velenje club, we can finally reveal that they are our October’s ambassadors and that we did an amazing #SIMPLYGIVE activation in collaboration with the team, that we just can’t wait to show you.


Coming very soon, so stay tuned!