VIDEO: #SIMPLYGIVE movement by Gorenje - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Thursday, 12th September 2019

VIDEO: #SIMPLYGIVE movement by Gorenje

VIDEO: #SIMPLYGIVE movement by Gorenje

Gorenje is as a proud sponsor involved in handball for many years already now and with the time passing by, with all the great handball moments that we were part of, the idea of being something more than just a sponsor aroused.

As the new season is approaching, we want to do more.

We want to provide our followers and handball community with even more exciting content and with that making our community even stronger and bigger.

Hereby, dear handball friends, we are briefly presenting you our brand new concept of the upcoming season – the #SIMPLYGIVE movement.


“ #SIMPLYGIVE and create life-changing moments. ”

This is the message we want to spread in upcoming season of 2019/20. #SIMPLYGIVE is all about giving as by giving one becomes happier.

We want this to turn into a movement that connects Gorenje, handball teams and fans. A movement that connects the entire handball community.

We empower people to ‘give back’, to make the world a better place just as Gorenje makes your home a better place with our products.


In September …

For our first activation of the #SIMPLYGIVE movement we decided to collaborate with our new monthly ambassador, Kentin Mahe.

We created an amazing story together and we cannot wait to reveal you all, but step by step.

Every week until the end of September we will show you one episode of #SIMPLYGIVE by Kentin Mahe episode.

It was such a pleasure and honor helping him to ‘ #SIMPLYGIVE back ’ to the people that represent his support circle in Veszprem, the city where he is currently playing and living.

We are sure you are going to love these episodes.


Being part of a #SIMPLYGIVE movement and why…

It is always nice to give back, to make someone’s life, or even just a day, a little better.
Together with us you can create amazing stories that will connect you with your local community, with your fans and will make a positive difference.
We all love great heart-warming stories, why not write one together with us?!