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Monday, 9th September 2019

#simplyfans - September's preview

#simplyfans - September's preview

The new EHF VELUX Champions League handball season 2019/20 is just around the corner. Only few more days and matches of the 1st round will take place all around the Europe.

We are really thrilled for the upcoming season  and we have a good reason for that.

Our team has planned and prepared some exiting content for you guys, including new monthly ambassadors and a brand new, heart-warming movement dedicated to you – our handball community.

Let’s start with September and see what we have in store for you.



Gorenje is as a proud sponsor involved in handball for many years already now and with the time passing by, with all the great handball moments that we were part of, the need for being something more than just a sponsor raised and idea about the #SIMPLYGIVE movement was born.

“#SIMPLYGIVE and create life-changing moments” is the message we want to spread in upcoming season of 2019/20.

As this topic deserves a special presentation and a good explanation, we will do that separately in the next article on our website.

Moving to the next fresh novelty of the season …



We decided we would give some company to our official general ambassadors – Nikola Karabatic, Ivano Balic and Vid Kavticnik in the form of a new monthly ambassador.

In September, the new face of Gorenje handball sponsorship activation is a French handball player, Kentin Mahe.

Let’s discus more about Mr. Mahe in one of the next articles; but for now we can just reveal that he is greatly involved in our #SIMPLYGIVE movement. 



Stay tuned for #SIMPLYGIVE by Kentin Mahe episodes coming already this week.

We don’t want to reveal too much, but prepare yourself for some authentic, original video stories from the world of handball you won’t find elsewhere.



Have you ever seen a handball player train with the vacuum cleaner?

Neither did we – until we met Kentin Mahe.

In September there will be some crazy funny ‘product review’ episodes by our new monthly ambassador. Once again, stay tuned, more to follow!



And last but not least – another great novelty of the upcoming season is that we will get our hands on some of the EHF’s most exclusive content, like “Inside the game” episodes that on a social media channels will be available only on our Instagram profile and on our Facebook page.

Make sure you are following us!

As you can see we prepared lots of interesting content for you in September. We are beyond happy to have you on board as a part of our #simplyfans family. Stay in touch!