The tools of titans - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Friday, 23th August 2019

The tools of titans

The tools of titans

If you remember from our last article, we asked few handball players about their preparations period, which is slowly getting in its last phase before the season starts.  

We got different answers about what they were doing, how they trained and where did they go, but they all agreed on one thing – that this period is the most important part of the season that settles foundation for the entire upcoming season and team’s performance. 

So, we wanted to take step further and ask them what are those tactics, habits or tools that help them to regenerate faster and train even better, stronger.

Here are the secrets they shared with us.

NIKOLA KARABATIC, our ambassador and handball player at PSG 

“During the preparations what helps me the most is I think my eating and sleeping habits. It is important to sleep well, I love to nap in between two trainings and in the evenings I love to get to the bad early and being able to recover from the hard trainings. The nutrition is also very, very important, to eat the right things for your body, the healthy things and paying attention to your meals. I think nutrition is one of the two most important things during the preparations. One thing I also pay attention to is hydration. I try to drink enough, to not being dehydrated which can cause a lots of injures. Preparations are the most important time of the year when you get your body prepared for the long season and for the exhausting eighteen matches we are going to play this upcoming season so there is no special secrete really but just training well and rest your body.”

MATEJ GABER, handball player at  MOL-Pick Szeged

“For me the most important thing during the preparations period is to rest a lot between the trainings, to be ready for the next one. Of course without the vitamins, minerals and regenerators it’s just impossible to stay on track during this phase of hard trainings.”

MIRSAD TERZIC, handball player at Telekom Veszprem HC

“The most important thing for me during the preparations is sleeping. I have also a lot of massages and some supplements like proteins and magnesium.”

ALJAZ PANJTAR, handball player at  RK Gorenje Velenje

“In the team we help ourselves during this preparations phase with different preventive exercises and refill energy with supplements after the training. But the most important thing is of course to get some good sleep at home at nights and also between two trainings in the daytime. Every player also has his own way of regenerating. My favorite is sauna and cold pool.”

DOMEN MAKUC, handball player at RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko

“I try to sleep as long as I can, at least eight hours per day. I mostly choose to eat chicken with rice; sometimes protein shakes for quicker and better regeneration. After hard running trainings I treat myself with a cold bath.”

VID KAVTICNIK, our ambassador and handball player at PAUC

“I found the most helpful tools for me during the preparations are positive thinking and positive energy. When it is the hardest I usually try to smile and have fun as this releases all my pains and hard moments.”