Back on track - handball preparations - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Thursday, 15th August 2019

Back on track - handball preparations

Back on track - handball preparations

As the season is approaching many teams or better said many players are deep into a preparations period.

Preparations are that time of the season that many consider as the most important part of the whole training strategy since it lays the foundation for the entire season ahead the teams.

We asked some of the handball players that play in the Champions league competition or for our local club Gorenje Velenje, of which both we are a proud official sponsors, how there preparations are going, where their training camps took places and how tired they really are.

NIKOLA KARABATIC, our ambassador and handball player at PSG 

“We didn’t travel anywhere in this preparation period. Our team stayed in Paris and trained there, it was really hot, since the temperatures in this first week were around 40 degrees Celsius but we trained really well.

I was actually happy that we stayed in Paris so I could be there for the first birthday of my daughter Nora.

Apart from that, we train really hard and well with the team, the preparations are going good, we just started with the first friendly matches. We feel a little bit tired but that is kind of normal for this period of the season, the hardest part is of course the running, the running part. I think all of the players dislike running but thankfully we have good coaches and they know that we don’t have to run as much as we did ten years ago when the handball coaches did the preparations and killed us with the running. So we feel tired but not ‘dead tired’.”

MATEJ GABER, handball player at  MOL-Pick Szeged

“For me preparations are one of the most important parts of the season so we need to do it on our maximum. At the beginning of the preparations we went to Slovenia, to the mountains called Rogla. That was the hardest part of the preparations and I am glad that this part is already behind us, but we still have a lot of things to do.

The most important is that we, the whole team,  didn’t have any injuries, so we could do everything what the coach planned to do. It was hard but as I already said – we are at the one of the most important periods of the season.”

MIRSAD TERZIC, handball player at Telekom Veszprem HC

“As a part of our preparations we were ten days in Slovenia, Kranjska gora on our preparations camp. The place is great; really, the temperature was ideal for the trainings.

The trainings were of course very hard and intensive but the team came very well prepared. The hardest were in my opinion the handball sessions; you feel the tiredness more in your muscles then you do after the running or fitness.”

ALJAZ PANJTAR, RK Gorenje Velenje

“We will travel to Austria and Hungary for some preparation matches. Apart from that we also had some friendly matches here in Slovenia.

This year I am happy with how the preparations are going because I really feel great. Our coaching staff really does good work, as we give 120% on every training, but still we have enough time to rest and properly regenerate.”

DOMEN MAKUC, RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko

“Last weekend we went on a tournament in Germany. We played some good matches and are satisfied with the way we played and with the end results. If we keep on working on our so far performance, we are on a good way to achieve our best level. We are training hard, pushing our limits, just to get better and ready for the new season. As a team we give a lot of support to each other, so there is no hard moments.”