How to stay active when the temperatures are rising - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 6th August 2019

How to stay active when the temperatures are rising

How to stay active when the temperatures are rising

Summer is a good time for being active; there are so many possibilities to spice up your regular exercise routine and the benefits are too numerous to count.

There is only one thing you should be extra cautious about – being safe while exercising in the heat and we have some smart “how to” tips for you.


Try to exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the temperatures are usually the lowest.


Drink water before, during and after physical activity, even if you don’t feel thirsty.


Wear light-colored, light-weighted, breathable clothes. Moisture-wicking fabrics are definitely a big help, too.


Watch for the signs of heat exhaustion – nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps and headache. 

In case you are experiencing signs of heat exhaustion mentioned above or signs of severe dehydration follow next steps:

·         Stop exercising immediately

·         Move to the shade or even better indoors as soon as possible

·         Sip water or suck on ice cubes

·         Douse yourself with cold water

·         Apply cold, wet cloths to the neck, groin and armpits

·         Seek medical attention if you feel your condition doesn’t improve or gets worse.

Experts advise to be extremely careful with exercising when the temperatures are between 29 °C and 33 °C furthermore conditions are considered extremely dangerous at temperatures over 33°C.

Keep in mind that the best thing you can do for your health when the temperatures are above 33°C is staying active indoors.

If your home has an air conditioner, power yoga or hiit training is the way to go!

Stay active, stay safe!