Interview with Vid Kavtičnik: “MOVING AFTER 10 YEARS” - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 9th July 2019

Interview with Vid Kavtičnik: “MOVING AFTER 10 YEARS”

Interview with Vid Kavtičnik: “MOVING AFTER 10 YEARS”

Our ambassador Vid Kavtičnik in leaving his club Montpellier after 10 years and new adventure lies ahead of him. Read an interesting interview below.

Q: Vid, you spent the past 10 years playing for Montpellier Handball. At the end of this season it came time to say goodbye. How does it feel to leave this club after a decade and move on?

These kind of things are never easy but I always try to keep a positive perspective. I feel privileged, that I had this opportunity to stay in one club for the entire 10 years. In this past  years me and my wife Maša welcomed two wonderful kids. Last year we also won the Champions league final after an amazing qualification feat. It would be of course nice to stay another season in Montpellier but my new club has also big ambitions and that’s why I am excited about the new adventure.

Q: When you signed for Montpellier, could you then imagined that you are going to stay this long?  What were some of the main factors or reasons that influenced your decision to stay for so many years?

No, I have never thought that I would spend 10 years in the same team. Years went by so quickly and just like this 10 years went by. There were many reasons why I stayed for that long but the biggest one was that my family. Montpellier is our home.

Q: Your daughter and son, Lara and Lev, were both born in Montpellier – what are some other beautiful memories that will remind you about this life period here in this south France city?

We have many nice memories and many more we create each new day. Montpellier is very beautiful city for families and for raising kids. In the past 10 years we met many new people and a group of friends (that also have kids) was created and we get along very good. Maša has a job in which she enjoys, kids are going to school where they feel wonderful. As I said there were a lot of nice moments in past and many more we are adding day by day.

Q; What, besides packing, is the hardest thing when you have to move?

We decided not to move to Aix, family is going to stay in Montpellier and I am going to drive to the trainings (ca. 90 minutes of drive in one direction). Obviously, when there will be hard trainings and matches I am going to sleepover in an apartment/house that I am going to have there. So, for my family there won’t be any bigger change. The hardest thing will be for sure everyday drive but no big deal.

We wish you and your family smooth transition into your next life chapter.

#simplythankyou Vid!