Handballers and their summer trips - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 2nd July 2019

Handballers and their summer trips

Handballers and their summer trips

Summer has officially started and now it’s the best time to create some new memories but also to relax.

As we know our handball stars worked really hard the entire season, so the only logical way of getting back in balance would be some “old good” summer trips!

We asked them what their plans were and here it’s what they reveal to us…

Nikola Karabatic, Paris Saint Germain

“This season we will mainly stay in Montpellier with the kids. I am invited to two different weddings, one in Aix en Provance, the other one in Toulouse. After that we will go to Barcelona for five days to visit some friends and maybe to Biarritz, also to visit a friend for few days.”

Luka Cindric, PGE Vive Kielce

“For this holidays I will stay in my homeland Croatia. Every year I travel somewhere so I decided this year to stay in Croatia because we have a beautiful country.”

Kentin Mahe, Telekom Veszprem

“Me and my little family, we are travelling a lot once the season ends.  We just came back from the Marius Steinhauser’s wedding and are already packing for our trip to Norway. We are heading to Oslo to visit Kent Robin Tonnesen (and his family) on a handball camp. After that we are going back to Paris and right after Paris we are invited to Gal Marguc’s wedding. Our holidays continue in Normandie with my whole family in a beach house. Last but not least – we will spend ten days near Lisbon and Faro in Portugal.”

Vid Kavticnik, Aix en Provance PAUC

“Every year we take some time off for the vacations and so will be this year. We will go to the Corsica, for the first time and we will stay there for eight days. We are all very excited about our holiday’s time!

Benjamin Buric, SG Flensburg

“For this year’s holidays I plan to visit handball goalkeepers camp in Omis, Croatia and after that spending time in my hometown Maglaj, BIH.”

Vladimir Cupara, Telekom Veszprem

“I have some plans for this year’s holiday; first I will go to the Rome for four days with my wife and then that I am going to spent few days at Croatian coast. After few days there I am going to Omis, to be a part of the best goalkeepers camp in the world. When camp finishes, I will go to Dubrovnik and than to the north of Montenegro. Altogether that will be around twenty-four days of holidays for me and than it’s time to prepare for the next season.”

Miha Zarabec, THW Kiel

“This year I will spend my vacation on Cuba. I will be there for ten days and all I want to do is enjoy, relax and just doing nothing.”