What players do when the season ends - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Thursday, 20th June 2019

What players do when the season ends

What players do when the season ends

Nine months of the season filled with intensive trainings, exhausting games and tons of adrenaline can be hard to grasp at times, so no wonder handball players can’t wait to finally get some free days.

We asked them what they do when their days are not filled with trainings and handball…


Nikola Karabatic, Paris Saint Germain

“When the season ends, I usually go to my house which is near Montpellier with my family, so I can spend time with them and with my friends who come and visit me.

Usually, I stay one or maximum two weeks without training and then begin to run, swim, do some fitness exercise. What I also love to play is paddle tennis!”


Luka Cindric, PGE Vive Kielce

“After season ends, first thing that I do is just resting with family and friends. What I like to do in summer time is playing beach volleyball and tennis.”


Vid Kavticnik, Aix en Provance PAUC

“Foremost when the season ends, I need to calm down and get some peaceful time.

I drive my kids to school while Maša, my wife, is working, I try to use this free time for myself and at the same time taking care of anything that has to be done.”


Vladimir Cupara, Telekom Veszprem

“I am really enjoying in the summer. I spend my time with family and friends in Belgrade, Serbia. Even though I am on the handball break, I still train, just not every day. The only reason I am doing it is to stay in a good shape, because I like to eat a lot. “


Benjamin Buric, SG Flensburg

“Once the season ends I spend most of the time in handball camps where I train and rest.”


Miha Zarabec, THW Kiel

“I am spending free days at home in Trebnje, Slovenia with my family, girlfriend and friends. I am not training a lot, but I do love to play tennis.”