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Tuesday, 11th June 2019

Our first #SIMPLYFANS Instagram season

Our first #SIMPLYFANS Instagram season

Time really does fly by and the first season of @gorenjesimplyfans Instagram existence is behind us. Many things happened since the first day we started our Instagram adventure and that’s why we are sharing our recap month by month so you can easily follow it through.

Let’s discover our monthly milestones together!


In September we launched our @gorenjesimplyfans Instagram account and officially started this social experiment of uniting all fans of handball in one place, providing authentic content that can’t be find elsewhere.

We started big since we organized a special giveaway with the prize – Meet&Greet our ambassador Nikola Karabatic.

What is more, Nikola photobombed young players in the local handball club carrying Gorenje’s name - RK Gorenje Velenje team.

Well yes, we also did that!


Having in mind our active followers who train or just want to stay fit and healthy, we provided you with very unique nutritional content in October from our ambassador, Nikola Karabatic, an Olympic winner and a real-life beast. We published his ‘training day’ and a ‘game day’ meal plans in detail, so you can use it for yourself. Who knows maybe this way you will become a champion one day, too!

October was also a month when we started with our #SIMPLYMOMENTS contest. We asked you to post the photo of your favorite handball moment on your Instagram and tag us, so we know you are participating in our contest.  


November was the month when we packed our suitcases and travelled to the hometown of our ambassador Ivano Balic, Split, where we met with some of you for #TRAINWITHIVANO Instagram game. We chose few winners who could come with their best friend, on the handball training lead by Ivano Balic, himself! Once in a lifetime opportunity for sure!

In this month was our #SIMPLYMOMENTS contest in a full swing. With great support of EHF and handball clubs we got many contest applications from all over the Europe.


As per usual, December was a month of gifting so it was ideal time to announce our #SIMPLYMOMENTS contest winner.

The winner was a fan of PGE Vive Kielce, Maciej Putala, who convinced our jury with an amazing his #simplymoment in his favourite team jersey.

Not only is December a month of a gifting, it is safe to say that it is also a month of a good food. That is why we have decided to challenge a handball legend Ivano Balić in the kitchenIvano had to pass three challenges – challenge with the kids from his handball school, with his manager Gabrijela and one with food influencer Lea.


In the first month of a new year we had cheered with you along the entire World’s Men Handball Championship and shared some of your photos from there.

Every good fan needs the right equipment and having your favorite player’s jersey is a part of it.

We asked you which player’s jersey  you want the most and you answered – Luka Cindric’s and Nikola Karabatic’s. Your wish became our command. The giveaway was organized, and the two lucky winners got Luka and Nikola’s jerseys.


Without a doubt, February was one of our favorite months.

Our #SIMPLYMOMENTS contest got a happy end that we could only wish for. The winner of the contest, Maciej Putala decided he will donate his Gorenje retro fridge to the children`s hospital in Kielce. We packed our bags and travel to Kielce. Here is our #simplymoment. What an amazing #SIMPLYFAN gesture!

As we finished one contest in December, we started a new one in February.

In February we started also a new competition for our followers -  #SIMPLYFANSUNITED .Your task was to take a photo with the fan of the opposite team and published it on your Instagram feed to participate in our contest.


The #SIMPLYFANSUNITED contest continued also in March and we got some great photos of fans united.

We added some fresh content to our website articles and created new series “Living like an athlete” where we shared some good tips from the lives of professional athletes that you could use in your everyday life too!

As our ambassador’s handball team Paris Saint Germain was playing close to our #simplyfans office in Slovenia, we made a funny FAN Q&A’ with Nikola Karabatić.


In April we have shared with you some of “Handballers Special Talents” series, since we have discover also other great talents our favorite handball players have .

We gave away jersey of Vardar`s Vuko Borozan and ended the month with “Rapid Fire Questions” video that we did with Nikola Karabatic. Check it here.


The last month of the season was for sure the most intensive one. 

On a daily basis we generated authentic, first-hand content on our Instagram account.

You could sneak peek into the Kentin Mahe’s kitchen and see our Gorenje Retro fridge freezer proudly standing there, but it didn’t end there. We sat down with Kentin and filmed the FANS Q&A’s for our Insta stories and made a giveaway of his jersey.

May was also a month when we showed you our video with a prank we did for Ivan Balic`s 40th birthday in April. If you wonder how we pranked him and didn’t see the video yet, watch it on our Instagram profile.

In May we also continued with our jeseys give-away (this time Uwe Gensheimer`s) and finished  our #SIMPLYFANSUNITED contest. Four of the winners with their friends received the tickets forVelux EHF Final4 2019, us taking care for the accommodation, surprising them with the VIP tour of the Lanxess arena and a delicious lunch with the handball legend, our ambassador Ivano Balic.

In the end of May and at the beginning of June the biggest event of a handball season happened and of course, we were there, too! The festival of handball – the Velux EHF FINAL4 was a great opportunity to successfully finish a great season.

We are proud to be a place that unites handball fans, a place where authentic, original content is created for you and a place where anything is possible (suprises, meet and greets, give-aways …)

We became a unique family of handball lovers and we are very thankful you are a part of our #simplyfans gang.