Velux EHF Final4 predictions by experts - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 28th May 2019

Velux EHF Final4 predictions by experts

Velux EHF Final4 predictions by experts

EHF FINAL4 is just around the corner, players are training hard, and fans are preparing their cheering tools. The big question that hangs in the air is “who is going to be the next lucky winner?”. As we are curious to know, that is why we asked some of the best in the field – the handball experts - what their predictions for this year’s EHF FINAL4 are.

Who is going to be the winner in the match between Telekom Veszprém HC vs PGE Vive Kielce and who in the match between Barca Lassa vs HC Vardar?

Who is going to win the final and who is going to be the MVP?

These were the questions that we asked them and here is what they predicted.


IVANO BALIC, retired professional handball player

“I think in the match between Telekom Veszprém HC and PGE Vive Kielce, Veszprem is going to win because they have a better goalkeeper. In the match between Barca Lassa and HC Vardar, Barcelona has an overall better team in my opinion.

In the final I bet on Telekom Veszprém HC, I think it is the time for them to win the title and my friend Kent (Kent Robin Tonnesen) plays there.

I like all the teams because they try to play with brains and not the muscles. I hope one Croatian player will be the MVP.”


RASMUS BOYSEN, handball player and owner of HandballTransfers platform

“I think it’s revenge time for Veszprém. David Davis has had an amazing impact on the team, and they look very strong, but I expect a tight match between two strong teams, where the goalkeepers become crucial. And I think Veszprém has a stronger goalkeeper duo than Kielce. Despite the amazing season of Vardar, a team that surprised me in a positive way, I think Barca has a better selection with more players who can decide the match.

When I look at the chances of the teams at the Final4 in Cologne, I always bet on the one with the strongest goalkeeper duo, and in my opinion this season Veszprém has the strongest duo. And I also think now it’s the time for Veszprém before Nagy and Ilic retire.

I like the speed, opportunism and talent of Barca. They have gathered an amazing squad with a great mix of talent and routine. Young players like Dika Mem, Ludovic Fabregas and Lasse Andersson play a very exciting, modern, fast and attractive type of handball.

MVP -  it may very well once again become Arpad Sterbik. He has an amazing ability to play at his top level in the most important matches.


VID KAVTICNIK, handball player Montpellier HB

“It’s really hard to predict the winner of the Velux EHF FINAL4. Every season lot of surprises are happening. If we look at the match between Barca Lassa and HC Vardar, I think the winner will be Barca because they beat Vardar two times this season and because the play excellent handball through the entire season.

It’s really hard to predict the winner in the match between Telekom Veszprém HC and PGE Vive Kielce. Veszprém is in a great shape and coming to the FINAL4 as new Hungarian champions, on the other side Kielce has capacity to beat anybody.  Barca is playing really beautiful handball and keeps the great performance throughout the season.

Players of Vardar are highly motivated despite the problems the club is facing and their strong point is their team spirit.

Veszprém had a challenging beginning of the season but with the help of great team spirit succeed to come to the finals. The win against SC Pick Szeged gave them wings.

And then there are Kielce, who played incredible match against PSG and manage to come to the FINAL4 and made the big surprise which gave them lot of self-esteem for the weekend to come.”