Handballers special talents series: Luc Abalo - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Thursday, 21st March 2019

Handballers special talents series: Luc Abalo

Handballers special talents series: Luc Abalo

With lots of stereotypes about athletes going around, we are here to prove at least one of them is wrong. Handball players are smart guys, with lots of different talents apart from being amazing athletes.

With these series of articles, we want to let you know what these guys special talents are, and we decided to start with one of the most popular French handball players –Luc Abalo. The right wing of PSG and one of the most important players of the French team manages to juggle between his career and his other passions.

Beside from having a passion for a photography and videography, Luc is a man of style and fashion has a special place in his life. Luc’s last project is his ready-to-wear fashion brand called L.A.N and this is what we will talk about today.



LAN are initials for LUC. ABALO. NINETEEN – like his jersey number for both club and national team.

Luc, says in one of his interviews that he has been thinking about creating his own brand for many years, but before starting he wanted to mature his idea, studied the competition, getting sure about what he really wanted to create. His busy handball schedule, many trainings and matches influenced his progress in this project but he managed to do it with the help of his two associates and LAN became reality.


Successful handball player wanted to create clothing that matches street style and is something that he and his teammates would love to wear.

“The goals was not to go and copy a particular brand or stylist and just put my name on it. On the contrary – I wanted to create something that you cannot find elsewhere – both from style and quality point of view.


Luc didn’t want to be just one of the associates and the owner of the brand, but he wanted to be included in the whole process. He drew the patterns of each model, chose every detail of each garment and gave crucial importance to the quality of the fabrics. All the models were created in France, on the other hand, for production, they worked with Portugal, a country recognized for the quality of its fabrics.

Abalo says he wanted perfection on every point of manufacture. As he wanted his clothing to be a great clothing choice for athletes too, he asked for the opinion his club mates who gave their opinions and tested the products.

Benoit Kounkoud, his team mate at PSG HB was also one of the models who participated in brand photo shooting.


This great handball player for sure has some great talents beside handball and he is not afraid to show them to the world. One thing that he exposes as the key of success of for both handball and his fashion project is hard work.


Good luck in all your (future) projects, Luc! 😊