#simplyfansunited first winner - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Monday, 4th March 2019

#simplyfansunited first winner

#simplyfansunited first winner

In the second part of the season, in February we started with our #simplyfansunited contest (read more about it here). Now, when the first month of the competition ended and we have the first monthly winner, we can say that you were a bit shy with your applications, but we still got the photos from six different countries.

#simplyfansunited is all about uniting handball fans and seeing Vardar’s fans posing on the photo with their Veszprem buddies or a Croatian fan with the French one, is a big, beautiful step for our community.


We choose top three photos:

  • HBC Nantes fans with Pick Szeged fans
  • Croatian national team fan posing with French national team fan
  • A Veszprem fan shaking hands with the fan of Wisla Plock.

We encouraged our @gorenjesimplyfans followers to vote for their favorite photo. Publishing photo on the Wednesday meant that the winner would be the one with the most votes on Friday, 23:59, and, in our case, that was with 515 votes, Damein Renou. The winning photo was therefor HBC Nantes fans with Pick Szeged fans (other photos can be found here).


Damien is the first of the lucky FOUR winners that will get amazing #simplyfansunited contest prize. We are offering to our winner more than just the tickets to the Velux EHF Final4, we are offering a real fan experience. Damien will get two tickets, which means he will be able to watch the best handball games with his best friends, family member or a better half. Both of them will also get accommodation in Cologne, where Final4 takes place.

One of the best parts is that they will also meet in person our ambassador, legend of handball – Ivano Balic. Who wouldn’t want to take selfies with the biggest handball player in history?

If you crave a real fan experience and want to be there – on the Velux EHF Final4, take a photo with a fan of the opposite team and apply for a #simplyfansunited contest. We are waiting for you!