What is #simplyfansunited contest all about - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Thursday, 7th February 2019

What is #simplyfansunited contest all about

What is #simplyfansunited contest all about

#SIMPLYFANSUNITED is a contest that represents our movement #simplyfans. 

A movement with the mission to “bridge the divide”, to unite all fans no matter what their national, racial, ethnical or religious differences are. What unites all this fans is their love for handball.

One thing that makes handball so special, comparing to other sports is that fans of handball have this friendly, empathic culture of cheering and at Gorenje we want to cherish and support this kind of behavior.


That’s why …

We SUPPORT you in being a fan of a particular team.
We RESPECT your devotion to the particular team.
We want you to STAND BEHIND your particular team.

But we also want you to become a FAN OF HANDBALL. To become part of a group where handball fans are united.


Our goal is to take you beyond the borders of your homeland, to lead you a few steps further from the hall of your favorite handball team, to erase racial, national and other limitations and show you the next level of cheering – cheering for Handball! And this is what #SIMPLYFANSUNITED contest is all about.



We want you to share your #SIMPLYFANSUNITED moments with us – you have to take a photo with a fan/-s of the opponent handball team if you want to participate in our contest.

Once you posted a photo of yourself with the fan of the opponent handball team on your Instagram feed and fulfilled all the necessary steps, you officially compete in our contest.



4 x 2 tickets + accomondation in Cologne, Germany + Meet&Greet Ivano Balić. 



  1. Take a photo with the fan of the opponent team to prove your membership of  #SIMPLYFANSUNITED movement.
  2. Post it on your Instagram feed.
  3. Make sure your profile is set on public.
  4. Tag @gorenjesimplyfans and add #simplyfansunited.



Every month there is one winner that gets the above-mentioned prize, starting end of February 2019. The second winner is picked at the end of March, third one at the end of April and the fourth, the last one, at the middle of May.

Every month on 27th (in May on 15th), our team chooses top three competing photos. We publish them on our IG feed and let followers decide who is the winner – followers have three days to vote for their favorite photo that becomes winner of the month. Three days, including the day we publish the three best photos (to avoid confusion, here is the example: if we publish best three photos on Wednesday, followers can vote by Friday by 23.59).

The winner will be announced via our Instagram account @gorenjesimplyfans. Rules of this contest can be found here.


We really want you to be the part of this important movement and to share your piece in creating visual performance of #SIMPLYFANSUNITED contest.