Living like an athlete series: HYDRATION - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 5th February 2019

Living like an athlete series: HYDRATION

Living like an athlete series: HYDRATION

H2Oh really?!

We know what you may think - another article about the water and hydration. We already know how beneficial drinking water and staying hydrated is, so why do we want to write about it here too?Well, just because the survey around the globe shows that even though we all know the theory, more than 75% of population is still dehydrated and that probably includes also you and maybe even your favorite athlete.

For the starter, let’s see how skipping glasses of water that we should drink, affects our body. Here is a short list of symptoms of dehydration:

·        Dizziness

·        Fatigue

·        Headache

·        Irritation

·        Thirst

·        Cramps

·        Nausea


Why dehydration is a bad friend for every athlete?

Three quarters of muscle mass is made up of water. Muscles lose their ability to perform optimally when an athlete is dehydrated, causing a decrease in performance.


Why dehydration is a bad friend for you?

Besides the list of undesirable symptoms mentioned above, level of hydration also greatly influences your concentration. Your brain is mostly made of water. No wonder they work better when you are properly hydrated.

As the tips on ‘how to drink more water’ may already overwhelm you, we suggest something you maybe don’t know yet about the hydration …



1.      AFTER WAKING UP – it activates internal organs.

2.      AFTER WORKOUT – it brings heart rate back to normal.

3.      HALF AN HOUR BEFORE A MEAL – it helps in digestion.

4.      BEFORE TAKING BATH – helps to lower blood pressure.

5.      BEFORE GOING TO BED – replenishes any fluid loss.

6.      WHEN YOU ARE FEELING SICK – hydrates body for proper function.

7.      WHEN YOU ARE FEELING TIRED – recharges your system.

8.      WHEN SURROUNDED BY INFECTED AND SICK PEOPLE – it doesn’t allow the infection to settle in your body.