Gorenje`s list of best xmas gifts - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 18th December 2018

Gorenje`s list of best xmas gifts

Gorenje`s list of best xmas gifts

We guess that most of us face the same problem this time of the year, when thinking what to buy for our family for Christmas …

This stubborn question hangs in our mind the entire December - what is the best gift to give for a Christmas. We believe “your time” could be one of the most important one, however since Gorenje offers range of small domestic appliances, we decided to help you out.

Let’s be honest we have all bought gifts that were total waste of our money, so in the spirit of helping you avoid this same mistake we made this list of our products that will for sure be right choice and a very useful gift.


With everyone’s ‘new year resolution’ plans about healthy eating this smoothie maker will be the perfect gift.



What about making your own yogurt? How cool would be to make this simple and delicious food all by yourself knowing exactly which ingredients you put in? Now, imagine how cool it would be to get a gift like that by your best friend? Go, buy one for your best friend!



If a person that you are buying gift for is a woman, beauty tools are always a right choice! Curls are just something we girls love to have and being able to style them at home, alone, is a great thing and a great gift to get.

Believe us – much better than pyjama or socks!



Being totally honest, we all hate ironing, right? If you don’t hate it, please do call us! But as much as we may hate it, we also need it. We just can’t go to that important meeting in a suit that looks like we just took it out of the garbage. The truth is we all need it but no one wants to do it or even worse no one wants to buy it. Every home has an iron, but does it still work as it should?

Surprise your mother with this steam iron and delicious lunch every Sunday is “a guarantee”.  



Bread is something (almost) everybody eats, even for people who avoid gluten; this bread maker is of a great use since it has a gluten free bread program too!