Ivano as a life coach - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Monday, 17th December 2018

Ivano as a life coach

Ivano as a life coach

If we look back on some of the most successful professional athletes in history, we realize that many of them became true legends and a treasure box full of knowledge, lessons and wisdom of success. We believe our ambassador Ivano Balic, the legend of handball, is one of them, a treasure box full of lessons that could help many young people, we have decided to present him as a life coach for a brief moment. We asked him some questions about success, about being a professional athlete, we asked him what motivated him and what does he feel about the many titles he received thoughout his career.

These are some valuable insights you get from someone who is considered to be a Maestro of handball. From someone who got it all. Valuable insights from a true champion.

Leaving you with some of his thoughts, we warmly recommend you to read them, think about them and maybe try to implement some of the ideas in your own life, especially if you are a young handball player.


Let’s start with the ‘secret of success’ …

“The secret of success is quite simple. You need to be persistent and work hard every day. When you think it’s getting hard, you need to focus and continue trying your best. The reward will come.”


What is like to be a world-class athlete …

“You need to train hard, listen to your trainer and be disciplined. You need to live for sport and you will do fine.“


What was your biggest motivation …

“My motivation was to be every day as good as I can be. I wasn’t thinking about my career goals but every day, day after day I just tried to give my best. You test yourself every day to see how far you can go. When you think you have reached the limit, you should just keep trying because I am sure you can get further than your limit. At least a bit further. “


About being declared best player in the world…

“I was proud. There was happiness but it didn’t last forever because my biggest goal was to stay on that level for as long as possible. It was a reward for all the work and sacrifices I have made but that’s no guarantee for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a new day and you have to start it all over again, to prove yourself, to work, to keep pushing your limits.“


Any other thoughts for the end…

“You shouldn’t be frustrated with thoughts about your future, about what you will became one day, what kind of a player you will be.

Enjoy in the moment, participate in every training, enjoy in what you do.

The only recipe is to give your best and the result will come. You recap what you saw. “