Q&A with Ivano Balić - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Thursday, 13th December 2018

Q&A with Ivano Balić

Q&A with Ivano Balić

It all started as an ordinary Q&A after the training, but we soon realized it changed into a very valuable pep talk.

Ivano Balic, our ambassador, answered questions of our Meet&Greet winners, just right after he finished the training with them. We wanted to give these kids the opportunity to get the answers to the questions they asked themselves as young handball players.

Olympic and world champion shared with them his secrets of success, answered some questions like ‘how does it feel like when you are pronounced as best player of the year’ or ‘how it is to play in front of the thousands of fans’.

Answering all kind of questions, he soon gave us all very important lessons about sport, about competing, about what it makes a true champion.

If you want to see this motivational, honest talk of a champ, watch the video bellow.