Training with Ivano - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Monday, 3th December 2018

Training with Ivano

Training with Ivano

#simplyfans team decided to pay a visit to our ambassador Ivano Balic in his hometown Split, Croatia, to get to know him better and to do some fun activities with him in the spirit of the upcoming holidays season.

Therefore, as holidays spirit is known by helping each other and do nice things for others, we at Gorenje, decided to do exactly that! Make some of you happy by giving you the opportunity to meet the handball legend, Ivano Balic.

Ordinary Meet&Greet’s are too boring for an innovative brand as Gorenje is and for such a cheerful team as we at #simplyfans are, that’s why we asked Ivano if he could do a real training with the winners of our Meet&Greet.

As nice guy as he is, he gave as a stamp of approval.

Winners of our Meet&Greet with Ivano Balic, were firstly allowed to bring with them their plus one person – some of them came with their brother or sister, some with a friend. Secondly, they got our #simplyfans jerseys and at the end when they were ready they got this great chance to train with Ivano.

He is a real maestro of his game, so he gave them some valuable info about handball but also about the mindset of a champion.

You can see from the video, how much everybody enjoyed and how did the training look like.