Pro`s are fans too - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Monday, 5th November 2018

Pro`s are fans too

Pro`s are fans too

Being a sport fan is an exciting thing, so there is no wonder that even professional athletes themselves are fans too. We asked some of the best handball players to share with us, whose fans they are, which sport they follow beside handball, why they love it and which athletes they admire.

Let’s see what they reviled for our website…


Ivano told us: “I follow American sport teams – Red Sox, Celtics, New England Patriots and NY Devils. Those are my favorite teams but regarding my favorite athletes it is harder to say since most of them already retired, except Tom Brady.

I also love the football club Inter.”



This is what our ambassador, Nikola told us about who he cheers for besides his friends in handball: ‘I am a big fan of handball of course; however, I am a huge fan of an American football lately, especially NFL. I love that sport, the helmets, the outfits, the big stadiums, the crazy fans. My dream would be to see a game life, maybe the Superbowl.

My favorite athlete is Novak Djoković. I love tennis, my brother Luka also played tennis for a long time, so I grew up watching Luka’s games. Novak is one of the best tennis players of all times, but what I am especially impressed by is all the work he does besides tennis. I am impressed by his foundation ( with which he tries to help people and does so much for the community, that is also why he is such a role model to me. I had the privilege of meeting him three times already now and I can tell he is really nice. I just love him!! :)’


VID KAVTIČNIK, Montpellier Handball

Vid, Slovenian handball player in Montpellier and our brand ambassadors, told us that he is specially a fan of American leagues like NFL, NBA, NHL, where he likes to follow how Slovenian athletes Dončić, Dragić and Kopitar are doing in their teams.

“If I have to choose my favorite sportsmen that would be Micheal Jordan and Rodger Feder, both icons and legends in their sports. I like them because of their sport achievements but also because of the values they represent.”


ANDREAS PALICKA, Rhein-Neckar Lowen

Swedish goalkeeper Andreas told us that he really likes Zlatan Ibrahimović because he is a big football fan and Zlatan is obviously a great football player but also a really big person. He ads:

“You can say that he changed the way you look at football in Sweden from football time to Zlatan time.”


Stay tunned for part 2, where we will present answers from Diego Simonet, Raul Entrerrios, Luka Stepancic, Igor Anic, Gonzalo Perez de Vargas and Benjamin Buric