Simple snacks by Nikola Karabatic/PART 3 - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 30th October 2018

Simple snacks by Nikola Karabatic/PART 3

Simple snacks by Nikola Karabatic/PART 3

In our last – Part 3 - article about Simple Snacks, we are not saying you should stay at home in the comfort of your couch, eating best food and support your team as loud as you can without guilt feelings (even though that would be a great idea, right?), we are just saying we have some great snack ideas for you – and the ideas are not just from anyone, they are from Olympic winner, Nikola Karabatic.

Nikola made sure you will stay healthy and fit with these snacks even if everything you do is just sitting on the couch, watching the match!




·         100g of porridge

·         250 ml of any vegan milk (rice, almond, coconut, …)

·         1 banana

·         cinnamon

·         honey

Cook 100g of porridge in a 250ml of vegetable milk for one minute. When done, add on the top of the porridge one sliced banana, cinnamon and honey. Enjoy your snack (that can be great breakfast, too)!




·         250 ml of an almond milk

·         1 full table spoon of brown rice protein

·         2 table spoons of an almond butter

·         ½ of avocado

·         1 table spoon of honey

·         ½ of banana

Mix all ingredients in our Gorenje blander and taste this bomb of proteins. Such a healthy snack!




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