One day meal plan on a training day of Nikola Karabatic - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Friday, 5th October 2018

One day meal plan on a training day of Nikola Karabatic

One day meal plan on a training day of Nikola Karabatic

One of the greatest benefits of having Nikola Karabatić as our brand ambassadors is getting the chance to sneak into his meal plans and get him in our Gorenje equipped kitchen.

In the age where you can get (and get lost in) trillions of internet advices about dieting, healthy eating and calories counting, we all just truly want to get the insights – real life - information and what could be better than getting it from the Olympic winner, one of the most successful handball players of all times, Nikola Karabatić.

Because if you want to perform/look like a pro athlete (and who doesn’t, really?!), spoiler: it’s not all about the training. “You are what you eat”, too.

You won’t find this information anywhere else, so just continue reading and thank us later. Bon appetite!



·         Glass of water with lemon

·         3 scrambled eggs + avocado

·         Bio muesli  + vegetal milk (soya /rice /almond)

·         Black bread with marmalade




·         Carrot salad + sliced orange + coriander + 20g cashew nuts

Add 1 table spoon mixture of walnut oil + olive oil



·         300g semi polished basmati rice

·         150g lentils

·         Baked sweet potatoes with parsley and onions



·         One piece of fruit or banana + lemon + honey + nuts



·         200g of sweet potatoes (steamed or baked)

·         100g of broccoli (steamed or baked)

·         Piece of tofu 

Add 1 table spoon mixture of flaxseed oil + olive oil




Bigger cooking surface
Two vertical cooking zones can be connected into one, creating large cooking surface. It allows evenly cooked or grilled food in bigger pots and pans.