7 reasons why it is great to be a handball fan - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Friday, 5th October 2018

7 reasons why it is great to be a handball fan

7 reasons why it is great to be a handball fan


It is scientifically proven by Daniel Wann, a professor of psychology and author of Sports Fans: The Psychology and Social Impact of Spectators, that “people who identify themselves as sports fans tend to have lower rates of depression and higher self-esteem than those who don’t.”

We believe it’s because being a fan gives us something to discuss about, to share, and bond with others. And for the vast majority of people, it is psychologically healthier when you can increase social connections with others.

2.      THE DRAMA

If totally honest, we all love a bit of drama – it spices up our lives.

If anything, handball for sure can offer to its fans a lot of dramatic moments.

In handball, like in life, the worst team can beat the best. Results are changing dramatically and the game itself is filled with adventures. You just never know what you will get in the end of the match and that’s just like in every human life story.


As one of the fans said and we couldn’t agree more “handball is a pure escape – it provides me something to just plain enjoy or get mad at and connects me to my friends, neighbors and random strangers who feel the same pull and passion of the game”.

After a stressful day, full of complications we just want a place and a situation to scream freely – and handball match is the safest place to do it!


Handball as any other sport provides a platform for people to come together and support their local / country teams. There isn’t anything that influences people’s patriotic side more than a pride after the win of their team. Handball brings people together and reminds them on the community pride for sure.


What is better and healthier way than bonding with your child, grandchild, mother, father, sister or brother, through the sport? Handball is a lot like a real life – you win, you loose, you get better, you fail and you win. You learn about the importance of a being a team player and about the importance of a fair play. All the life’s most important lessons and this is one of the biggest reasons why so many families decide to bond over sport and make lifetime memories together.  


We all know this one pretty good, right? Honestly, who doesn’t get motivated of becoming fit while watching handball machines on the fields?!

Being a handball fan gives you opportunity to see what kind of personal dedication, discipline and motivation but especially hard work is necessary for a handball player to succeed on the highest levels and watching their process of becoming the champ gives every one of us a special spick of motivation for personal development too.


There are people that like to talk about politics, about reality TV shows, about business and then there are handball fans that enjoy the most when they can talk about handball. They love the fact that last nights’ match is the great conversation starter for any kind of people – young, old, male or female, from different countries and cultures as long as they are handball lovers, too.