What type of fan are you? - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Thursday, 4th October 2018

What type of fan are you?

What type of fan are you?

Five types of fans.

Every sport, every team even every player has it’s own fans. Group of people that cheer for them, believe in them and most important – support them. But are all the fans same?

Let’s have a look at five different types of fans we have prepared for you. Do you recognize yourself or your friends in any of these descriptions?

Be honest!


These fans are the heart and the soul of the fan base. When times are good and when times are bad for the team, these guys are standing beside as loyal fans and can’t imagine cheering for another team. They make sure to get their seasonal tickets as soon as they are available, and they are team’s best advocates – when the things are rough these guys make sure players stay motivated. This type of fans is on the wish list of every team!


For some families’ tradition is to have lunch together every Sunday, while for others tradition is to support the local team together and visit their matches. What is cuter than seeing grandfather and his grandchild together on the match, cheering for their favorite team, learning about sport and it’s values.
When this grandchild grows up he will still go and cheer for this same team, not just because he enjoys that sport but also because of his or her family memories and connections they have received as children.


The most important thing for these fans is ‘getting together to watch the match’ with their friends. You will find these fans at the local sports bar or at someone’s living room. What matter is the access to a big screen television, cold drinks and the company of their best friends.  While the match might be the reason for their get together. In reality, these fans secretly enjoy the fact that they are able to hang out together – more than the act of watching a particular match.

4.      THE MAD FAN

You will easily recognize this type of fan because he or she is the loudest one – on the match, or at his home! This fan ends up screaming every five seconds, either because the team did something fantastic or messed something up tremendously. It almost feels like he or she is just using the match as excuse to be able to get his or her frustrations out and scream as loud as he or she can. Whatever suits them, we support it if it is for the good cause and respectful.


Obviously this fan is first fan of social media and then fan of a sport. He/she just wants everybody to know whose fan he/she is and shares frequent posts about the latest matches. Usually, the social media fans are just fans when the team is doing well and when there is a hype for a certain sport in the media but once the hype is gone so are their posts about the team.