Surprised by Nikola Karabatić - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Tuesday, 2nd October 2018

Surprised by Nikola Karabatić

Surprised by Nikola Karabatić

We have prepared an unforgettable surprise not only for our #simplyfans winners from Instagram but also for young Gorenje Velenje handball players. Their training, which was held on the last Sunday in September, was spiced up by a visit of one of the world most famous handball players and proud ambassador of #simplyfans Nikola Karabatić.

Young players were left speechless

As a general sponsor for the last 26 years, Gorenje made it possible for Handball Club Gorenje Velenje, which will be celebrating 60th birthday shortly, to become a professional sports organization and launch itself among the stars of the Slovenian handball. Last Sunday, we once again showed a dedicated support for the club, preparing a special surprise for young, promising handball players. They were visited by one of the greatest players in handball history Nikola Karabatić, who was IHF World Player of the Year for three times. He surprised young players with a so-called photobomb and left many of them speechless.

Maja Bukovnik from Handball Club Gorenje Velenje said: »Today's event was something very special. Reactions of young handball players were the proof that surprise really worked.«

He knows how much that mean for young handball players

After the surprise, the proud ambassador of #simplyfans said: »It was really funny to make photobomb, it really worked, they were all surprised and it was priceless to see all the reactions. When I see those young handball players, I picture myself when I was at their age. When I had an opportunity to meet my idols – professional handball players – it was a great motivation for me to keep on playing and reaching my goals. So every time I have an opportunity to meet young handball players, I’m glad to give my time, because I know how much it means to them.«

Edita Gabrič Zager project manager of European handball sponsorship of Gorenje group said that they are very happy they can help young talents to become successful handball players: »I believe that meeting Nikola Karabatić means additional motivation for young handball player to pursue his dreams and achieve his goals.«

Check out the video of the surprise also from the biggest slovenian TV station here.

A special surprise for our #simplyfans winners

Our #simplyfans winner +1 from the Instagram contest had the opprotunity to meet and greet Nikola Karabatić in his photoshooting for Gorenje. What is more, they have participated in a special challenge in the kitchen alongside Nikola and soon we will share with you details about it. Also photos and video will follow ... Stay tunned.