#simplyfans Trip guide: Montpellier - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Saturday, 15th September 2018

#simplyfans Trip guide: Montpellier

#simplyfans Trip guide: Montpellier

We are all well aware that nothing beats experience of watching the match, home on your couch, with ice cold drink that you just took out of your Gorenje retro fridge. In a good company that even  some lost balls do not bother you. But, what you also know is that nothing can beat that magic fan spirit, the cheering moments and feelings when you support your team live, in person on the match.

That’s why what we have here for you is the ultimate Simplyfan trip guide, this time we are dedicating it the the fans of the club where one of our #simplyfans ambassador is playing, French club Montpellier.


Since you came to the city for the match and you probably don’t have much time to discover the beauties of this south French city, we recommend you some “must see” spot.

Place de la Comédie

“Place de la Comédie is Montpellier's central square.  Also known as l'OEuf (the Egg) because of its original oval shape, it is one of the largest pedestrian areas in Europe. Standing proud in the middle is the statue of the Three Graces, Montpellier's emblematic goddesses.
All around you'll see street artists, people on the move, and others taking a leisurely break at one of the many outside cafés,” is how Montpellier’s tourism office is describing this place.


Club is today called Montpellier Handball and was founded in a year of 1982.

It is known as the only French club that has ever won EHF Champions league, once in the season 2002/03 and in the last season – season 2017/18 both times with still present head coach Patrice Canayer.

Club Montpellier has had some of the best world know handball players in their team such as our ambassadors Nikola Karabatic and Vid Kavticnik, but also Didier Dinart and Thierry Omeyer among others.


The fan club of Montpellier Handball club is called Blue Fox after it’s blue fox mascot and it was established in 1992 by a few students, lovers of handball. Today they count almost 300 hundred members including their president Gerard Didier.


In the locker room of the Montpellier Handball team proudly stands our Gorenje Retro Fridge that was custom made especially for the Final4 Champions League finals in Cologne and is “dressed” in Montpellier jersey. What you do not know is that the signed one also stand at Gorenje Group Headquoters in Slovenia. It has a brother!

If you decide to take a trip to Montpellier and support your local team, make sure you learn a few basic French words, they will appreciate it! And don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with their ‘tarte au citron meringue’ or sip a glass of Rosé! Bon voyage!




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