Fans of extra freshness - #simplyfans by Gorenje
Friday, 3th August 2018

Fans of extra freshness

Fans of extra freshness

Fridge freezers are no longer just a simple storage room. With advanced technologies they take care about the prolonged freshness of your food. The most advanced models monitor the way you use your fridge and adjust temperatures accordingly, so your food keeps the same temperature, no matter how often you open the door. Models with ion technology, in combination with dynamic cooling, preserve the taste and remove unpleasant odours. Evenly distributed ionized air also maintains constant temperature on every shelf. No worries about placing the food on the right spot.

Another smart solution for extended freshness is a large fruit & vegetable bin with low temperature, featuring automatic humidity control for perfect moisture regulation. The special blue light in the bin maintains the natural ripening process, retains vitamins and keeps your fruit & veggies fresh for a longer time. Convenient and healthy.


Have you wonder what is under our #simplyfans fridge?

Since we also find ourselves longing for the good old days once in a while,when life was simpler, the weather was nicer and times were slower, we have decided to dress our RETRO FRIDGE into a fan of excitement and passion, #simplyfan! Check it out, refreshing advanced technology in an astonishing colour palette. 



Vintage design, with a long list of colours to choose from, makes this refrigerator one of the highlights of your home. As a design item you can easily place it anywhere you like. Perhaps in your romantic kitchen, in your chic urban nest, even your funky loft. Each Retro refrigerator is striking, boasts optimal storage configurations, and all the features one would expect from a high-end appliance. Whatever the colour, these modern icons are an instant hit wherever they pop up.

You can choose your iconic refrigerator from a range of romantic, chic and funky colours.